Commission FAQs


Q.  Three hours seems like a long time, is it really necessary?

A.  Three hours is a flexible maximum, it will very rarely take that long to capture every image you want.  However as you will see from my other work I love a photograph to have a natural look and I believe given enough time this can be achieved even on an arranged photoshoot.  I also know just how hard it can be to convince children and animals to pull the right pose, and I would rather invest the extra time than leave you with images which are not absolutely perfect.


Q.  Can my gallery be seen by anyone who visits the website?

A. No.  Once I have finished editing and uploading your photos I will send you an email containing a link to the gallery, a password and your 25% print discount code.  If and how you distribute this is then wholly up to you.


Q.  How will I receive my four free digital photos?

A.  Your email containing your link and password will also include a discount code for the free images.


Q.  Can my family and friends order photos from the gallery?
A.  Of course, once you have chosen to share the link and password with them they can order in the same way they would from any public gallery.


Q.  Are you able to do commissions for business or publicity use?

A.  I can, please contact me detailing your requirements.