Hague first realised that he had a talent and a passion for photography at nineteen whilst serving with the British Army in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  He realised his passion was capturing the emotions of the events unfolding in front of him, from people caught up in the heat of the moment, to quiet moments of contemplation and people relaxing in their down time.  


Hague grew up with his father working in Hunt Service and as such has an obvious love for the British countryside and country pursuits, with fox hunting being one of his favourite subjects to document.  He is also a very keen rugby player and enjoys capturing the exhilaration of the game on camera.


Hague strives for perfection in all personal projects and settles for nothing less than absolute satisfaction for client projects.


'I have known Daniel for a number of years now having met him whilst both following the VWH. Growing up around hounds and the hunting community puts Daniel in great stead for capturing the intricacies of both hunting life and the characters of those involved. I have found through personal experience that passion and knowledge of your chosen subject is a huge benefit and I know Daniel has both of these qualities in abundance which are clear in his work. His Military career will no doubt bring other strengths and experiences for him to draw on in his new career. From one photographer to another I wish you all the very best in your new venture and the challenges it may bring.'
Kay Thompson

Above picture kindly provided by Kay Thompson (www.kaythompson.co.uk)